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Innovative Separation Technologies for High Grade Recycling of Refractory Waste using non-destructive technologies

In all high-temperature processes refractory products are consumed, generating refractory waste. Currently the recycling of spent refractories is limited and refractories are either landfilled or applied in low grade applications.

In order to achieve  a ‘circular economy’ and due to many factors such as increasing prices and scarcity of raw materials, as well as more stringent environmental legislation, the pressure to reduce waste refractories has increased significantly. However, an efficient separation of the different types of refractory materials based on their chemical composition, combined with an efficient removal of impurities is essential to allow high-grade recycling and reuse of refractories.

The REFRASORT project therefore aims at the development of an innovative separation technology  for spent refractories based on non-destructive technologies, allowing the use of refractory waste in the production of new refractories. As such material loops can be closed. ​

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